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All Inclusive Jungle Vacation Packages

thrilling and awe inspiring experiences

All Inclusive Belize Vacation Packages

thrilling and awe inspiring experiences

Customize your Vacation Package

Belize is well known as a diverse vacation destination in Central America. With a variety of amazing adventures, combined with exceptional accommodations, great services and facilities in stunning settings, you can have an awe-inspiring experience, while on vacation in Belize. We take the worry out of planning so that you, your family and friends can focus on having a lifetime of memories together, guaranteed to bring you back for yet another visit to Belize.
Where Jungle Meets Sea
Reef and Rainforest
Belize boasts the duality of pristine beach and wild jungle. Pack your swimsuit and your hiking boots for both inland and coastal adventures. One flight, one destination: two worlds.
Megan & Vanessa Say I Do | Belize
Your new life together starts here!
Your Micro Wedding in Belize
Sharing your special day with your family & friends is a joy! We are happy to offer you our Wedding Package for a group of 10. We understand that every wedding is unique and shouldn’t be considered a one-size fits all. We want to make your Belizean wedding experience one of a kind, so with that in mind, we are also happily able to create a customized package for you. This way your creativity and desires shine through! Be sure to let us know you are interested in customizing and we can discuss what creative options you’d like.
Say “I Do” with the Perfect Destination Wedding
Elopement Packages in Belize
Celebrate your union by getting married in paradise! Here at the Belize Collection, we offer the best of both worlds –Submerse yourself in the lush Belizean jungle or the white sandy beaches of resorts along the shore We understand how stressful planning weddings can be, but with our team of detail-oriented experts, you’ll feel right at home and not have to worry about a thing as you prepare for your wedding in paradise. To get married in Belize, the couple will have to be in country for a minimum of three days prior to their marriage license application. On the first business day after the three days, the marriage application can be submitted to the Registrar’s Office. The application process is one day and requires proof of citizenship with your passport, an original birth certificate, original divorce decree or death certificate, if applicable. These documents will have to be signed a Justice of The Peace.
An Adventure Well Shared
Vacation with Friends!
Create laughter, memories, and inside jokes that will remind you of the perfect vacation for years to come. Worry not, we’ve already figured out how to split the bill with this package.
No Better Time than the Present
Now or Never Solo Package
Rediscover yourself on the golden beaches of Hopkins. Or take a risk and reinvent yourself in Belize’s jungle. Sip your morning coffee with the sunrise in the Maya mountains. Wash away your inhibitions in the salty Caribbean sea. However you please, do it your way.
Experience Culture, Tradition, and Authenticity
Get to know Belize - Cultural Experience
Home to five major ethnicities and up to nine in total, Belize is simultaneously a celebration of diversity and tradition. Two native groups in Belize whose cultures you’ll learn about firsthand through our cultural immersion package are the Maya and the Garifuna. With the backdrop of the jungle and the Caribbean sea, learn our language, our food, and our dance. A story we keep telling for the keen listener to take back home.
The Ultimate Belize Honeymoon
Just the Two of Us
Whether celebrating a newly lit flame or a fire that’s been burning, place love at the forefront with this package. What better place to celebrate love than secluded in nature, with only you and your beloved. The agenda includes pampering massages, romantic dinners, and adventures that remind you why you fell in love.

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